Tia began working as an educator more than fifteen years ago. Having completed an undergraduate degree in English, she began her career with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes®, treating weaknesses in reading and language comprehension. As an Executive Director and Workshop Presenter, she oversaw the program implementation in multiple sites, led coaching efforts for current and new staff, and taught school administrators, therapists, and parents how to implement the programs in their homes or schools.

Tia also spent time in the classroom, allowing her to take her keen knowledge of the reading and writing process and apply it to curriculum daily.

Last year, Tia applied her love of writing, and her passion for inspiring a love of reading, to publishing a chapter book of her very own! Spellchecked is her dream come to life, and the fun characters are drawn from inspirations throughout her childhood and career. 

She has learned that her love for coaching and educating extends beyond just the students she has taught, but to their entire team. It is this love that ignites her passion for working with you! Whether you be a parent with a struggling child, or a school needing additional support and coaching, Tia can help!